Released: 24-05-2008

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  1. Hibernation
  2. The Ditch
  3. Liferz
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Junkeee…Julieee
  6. Go Go Go
  7. Rize
  8. Sorry Sorry Sarah
  9. The X
  10. Turn Around And Shut Up
  11. Acid Fight

Liferz finds the band expanding their sound and honing their aesthetic while staying true to their roots. Approaching the new material in the studio with the same earnest energy that characterizes their live shows, Blood On The Wall have crafted their best record to date. The raw energy is still there – tracks like album opener Hibernation and the relentlessly catchy “Rize” nearly bubble over with the band’s patent explosiveness. But Blood On The Wall are no one-trick pony, and Liferz is most definitely a diverse outing. The band balances their frenetic bursts with tempered songs like the slow-churning "Lightning Song".

Having gone from hometown heroes to national fan favorites and critical darlings, the band has earned its reputation as top of the rock heap. Along the way they’ve been able to translate their notoriously wild live show effectively to the studio, putting out raucously fun records. Liferz is a portrait of a band at the top of their game – somehow they have managed to get even more “awesomer”.

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