She Like Electric

She Like Electric
Released: 31-10-2005

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  1. Massive Cure
  2. It’s Cold
  3. It’s Not Your Day To Shine
  4. Rad
  5. Take It Away
  6. La Pump
  7. Pygmy Motorcycle
  8. About The Picture
  9. Bottlenose
  10. Make It Through
  11. I’ve Got My Own Problems To Fix
  12. The Quack
  13. To Walk Away From
  14. But Now I Know
  15. Inner To The Outer (bonus Aust track)

Smoosh’s first studio-recorded album, She Like Electric, brims with intensely diverse and magically cohesive pop songs that amaze as they engage. The rich range of the sisters’ emotional spectrum factor as strongly into the flavour as vanilla extract: pure, simple and true. From the joyful and contemplative (“To Walk Away From”) to the silly and giggly, (“The Quack”) to the angry and bittersweet (“But Now I Know”), urgency prevails. And, yes, every note of this album was written and performed by Asya and Chloe with no adult intervention.

Smoosh is, above all, not afraid to make exactly the type of beautiful, varied music they want to. You know why? Because they’re feelin’ it. And so will you.

"Smart, engaging, dance-y pop songs that are both intelligently catchy and indie-rock scruffy." CMJ Music Monthly

*“More affecting and melody-wise than most bands twice their age.” *– Blender

"Beautiful, funny, poignant, catchy and inspirational... She Like Electric is on the short list for rookie of the year." 5 stars. Alternative Press

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