Released: 04-10-2008

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  1. All My Friends
  2. Are Animals
  3. Summerheat
  4. RR vs. D
  5. All Myself
  6. Two Seasons
  7. Prelude
  8. The Waltz
  9. Sleep

Verbs (Au’s sophomore record) is flanked at one of its ends by the blissful bombast of a 20-plus person vocal chorus, and concludes some forty minutes later in the hushed strains of a wistful lullaby. Between these disparate bookends lies the staggering aesthetic expanse of the album, in its swirling depths and subtleties.

In the year's time since last leaving off with his self-titled, beautifully accomplished debut, Au has made tremendous strides beyond the warmly retiring sensibilities that marked so much of Au—stepping (wisely) outward, and into the less insular confines of community. In practical terms, this mostly meant acquiring a proper band—the core of which consisting of mutual multi-instrumentalists Johnathan Sielaff and Mark Kaylor—but in a vaguer sense, it meant opening up to Portland's considerable creative resources. Consequently, Verbs is padded out with contributions from nearly thirty collaborators, a list which includes featured vocalists Sarah Winchester (A Weather) and Becky Dawson (Ah Holly Fam'ly, Saw Whet), as well as members of Yellow Swans, Jackie-O Motherfucker, and Parenthetical Girls, among many others—inadvertently resulting in a strange and singular snapshot of a very particular corner of the city's famously sprawling musical community.

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