Released: 14-03-2009

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  1. Bayonets
  2. Flowers of Deceit
  3. Footsteps
  4. Plots Are for Cemeteries
  5. The Spoilsport's Retort
  6. Looting Takes The Waiting Out of Wanting
  7. A Terrible Souvenir
  8. Turn You Over
  9. Sixth Form Poet
  10. On The Omunibuses
  11. Sleepwalk to Me
  12. The Weltzers

Bricolage, the album, is the realization of the band's singles' huge promise. Produced with sparkling economy by former Altered Images guitarist Stephen Lironi, its dozen tracks are the product of its influences, but also a path beyond them. From the swooning romanticism of "Plots are for Cemeteries," to the lovesick giddiness of "Turn You Over," to the Northern Soul-style stomp of "The Waltzers," this is pop full of melody, verve and wit - for a modern world that is about to discover how badly it needed it. Bricolage may be a new strand in Glasgow's ongoing musical history, but for Bricolage themselves, this is where their own stunning history truly begins being written.

Video for "Footsteps"

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