Ice Cream Spiritual

Ice Cream Spiritual
Released: 25-04-2009

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  1. Beg Waves
  2. G Shock
  3. 7 Souls
  4. Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)
  5. Late for School
  6. Sky Drool
  7. Small Wevs
  8. Die Allman Bruder
  9. Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel) – acoustic version*
  10. Sky Drool – acoustic version Tracks 9 & 10 - Bonus Australian and New Zealand tracks (Taken from The Ponytail Daytrotter Sessions)

So, Ponytail have gone and let their hair grow long.

The Baltimore four-piece's 2006 debut, Kamehameha, used frothy, candied art-punk, with surf-splotched guitars and ricocheting drums, as a shiny playpen for vocalist Molly Sigel's improvisatory farm-animal ululations. As with a lot of what's been coming out of their city lately, that shit was weirdly compelling.

"Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came from an Angel)" - the lead single from Ponytail's follow-up (and first release available outside of USA), Ice Cream Spiritual - stretches out the funfueled chaos to an epic seven minutes of crests, eddies, tsunamis, and hey wowie wow, even a few seconds of limpid tranquility. Giving a Deerhoof-like scissor kick to traditional song structure, the track jerks from No Age's loose, trilling ambience to wiry, explosive bursts, with spaghetti Western backing vocals and Sigel chirping something like, "Awaywegonowawaywego!" There's calm eventually, too, as Sigel's rooster crow turns into a canary coo, but before long everything goes berserk again. It's all enough to make you believe in the spirituality of ice cream. Away we go to 31 flavors.

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