Yeah, So.

Slow Club
Yeah, So.
Released: 18-07-2009

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  1. When I Go
  2. Giving Up On
  3. I Was Unconscious It Was A Dream
  4. It Doesnt To Be Beautiful, Unless Its Beautiful
  5. There Is No Good Way To Say I'm Leaving You
  6. Trophy Room
  7. Because We're Dead
  8. Dance 'Till The Morning Light
  9. Sorry About The Doom
  10. Come On Youth
  11. Apples And Pears
  12. Our Most Brilliant Friends
  13. Let’s Fall Back In Love (Australian & New Zealand bonus track)

As with Slow Club's early singles, Yeah, So. was recorded almost entirely within the bosom of their hometown Sheffield, with Richard Hawley’s long term live and studio engineer Mike Timm at controls. His involvement according to Charles, was vital “Being a duo its often difficult to ‘let go’ on certain decisions… Mike has been really important providing a ‘buffer state’ between us.”

There is occasional instrumental and vocal assistance from David Glover, and a closing track appearance by Brian O'Murchu (drums) and Jamie Morrison (glass bottle!), but Slow Club are defined by a their own distinct and powerful partnership. Charles with bruised vocal, rasping guitar and disarming lightness of touch; Rebecca with her dash of Northern Soul and sharp wit, playing stand up drums amid a wild array of percussive apparatus - wooden chairs, glass bottles, and spoons.

Slow Club "It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful" (Directed by Lucy Needs)

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