Psychic Chasms

Neon Indian
Psychic Chasms
Released: 06-02-2010

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  1. (AM)
  2. Deadbeat Summer
  3. Laughing Gas
  4. Terminally Chill
  5. (If I knew, I'd tell you)
  6. 6669 (I don't know if you know)
  7. Should Have Taken Acid With You
  8. Mind, Drips
  9. Psychic Charms
  10. Local Joke
  11. Ephemeral Artery
  12. 7000 (Reprise)

Neon Indian’s bedroom ballads have forged the upcoming Psychic Chasms, the debut full-length, set for release this summer. They’ve been compared to New Order, Future Bible Heroes, and most recently said to sound like a saw-wave cutting a Doobie Brother’s song in half. Expect much racket to be had from this fresh faced crew.

"Overall, Psychic Chasms is something like a dream collaboration between the Tough Alliance and Atlas Sound, the latter of whose Internet-only Weekend EP shares a delinquent theme with one of Psychic Chasms' best songs." (Pitchfork 8.6)

"Sure, he takes his cues from old sources, but the result -- dreamwave, or chillwave, or whatever--is so unique and lush that Palomo should be content to ride off of the high you imagine he might get from making something so effective." (Prefix)

"Never ominous and always bright, Psychic Chasms is fantastic brain candy in the vein of electronica or millennial psychedelia." (PopMatters)

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