Fabulous Muscles

Fabulous Muscles
Released: 16-11-2004

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  1. Crank Heart
  2. I Love The City OH!
  3. Bunny Gamer (b)
  4. Little Panda McElroy (b)
  5. Support Our Troops OH! (Black Angels OH!)
  6. Fabulous Muscles (Mama Black Widow Version)
  7. Brian The Vampire
  8. Nieces Pieces (Boat Knife Version)
  9. Clowne Towne
  10. Mike
  11. Rose of Sharon (Aust bonus track)

At once dark, complex, impossibly honest, and yet, somehow simple, Fabulous Muscles is almost accessible in its minimalist-pop appeal. This record was written on the heels of huge upheavals and violent personal changes, so there's less of a dance influence and much more of a pop and academic/experimental feel. Sounds are used to rhythmically push some songs forward in a top-40 way, but with fewer straight beats. Noise restrictions also led to more use of single, quiet acoustic instruments.

This record is the most pop Xiu Xiu record, and the most experimental. An important record.

"Though there are many notable high points to Fabulous Muscles, its overwhelming consistency is what cements its place as Xiu Xiu's finest. The album does not contain a single hiccup or yawn-- no extraneous noise, no potentially offputting histrionics, no throwaways and no dull moments. Fabulous Muscles, like the best of Xiu Xiu's catalog, is challenging not because it's particularly dissonant or noisy, but rather because it addresses you in a manner that's categorically different from what you've come to expect from any kind of music-- pop, experimental or otherwise. With Fabulous Muscles, Jamie Stewart continues to explore and expand this mode of address, and in doing so has made an album that is profound, innovative, and absolutely vital." - Pitchfork 9.0

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