Alison Statton

Alison Statton
Released: 04-02-2008

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  1. More Purple
  2. Reject, Reject
  3. Tried to Be Good
  4. Evan's Way
  5. A New City Life
  6. Magenta and Green
  7. Shoreham Kent
  8. Alison Statton
  9. The Royal We
  10. For Dee
  11. Two French Sisters
  12. When Your Friends Aren’t Looking (Aust & NZ bonus track)

Alison Statton was labored over for nine months throughout 2007 and recorded onto 2” tape in Analog Divide, the same studio responsible for their previous albums Songs for Siblings (2003) and Recent Drama (2006). On Alison Statton**, female vocals float through the back drops as trumpets and saxophones spurt lost Stax lines, a glockenspiel chimes, guitars feedback, drums flail and a young man sings sweetly about all the things young men should sing sweetly about.

Alison Statton confirms Andrew Churchman’s position as top-notch modern songwriter. His words and themes flirt as much with the films of Truffaut as they do with Jonathan Richman’s earnestness and the Go-Betweens’ golden days of mellifluous pop truisms. All in all, Alison Statton is modern pop music at its best.

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